molly thrasher (apathy_erases) wrote in electrical_ink,
molly thrasher

as of yet untitled

my favorite hallucinogen as of late
has been
the natural trip of depriving myself of sleep

becoming my muse as of late
actually . . . .

Oh, I'll take a little cap nap or power nap,
during the day
or the wee hours of the morning...
oh sweet lack of sleeep

I noctournal up all night in the fake light
bulbs burning bright
I read, I see, I deep think with this haze

So I feel an uncontrollable urge to just jump out
and devour words, or have them pour out
and dump out flowing ouch
ouch ouch out in the wind

oh perhaps visuals aren't
no kick-start tonight, flipping
out on lack of sleep
i just think these things to me
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